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  1. Edward Monkton Valentine Mug
    Edward Monkton Valentine Mug
    SKU: MM23
    From £9.50
  2. I Love You Pencil Mug
    I Love You Pencil Mug
    SKU: HA02
  3. Lovely Great Granny China Mug
    Lovely Great Granny China Mug
    SKU: QB46
    From £9.50
  4. Lovely Grandma China Mug
    Lovely Grandma China Mug
    SKU: QB35
    From £9.50
  5. Love Chocolate China Mug
    Love Chocolate China Mug
    SKU: MM111
    From £9.50
  6. Guess Who Loves Coffee? Mug
    Guess Who Loves Coffee? Mug
    SKU: JA03
    From £9.50
  7. Love You Mum Mug
    Love You Mum Mug
    SKU: JA01
    From £9.50
  8. Love You mug
    Love You mug
    SKU: HN03
    From £9.50
  9. Love Always mug
    Love Always mug
    SKU: HN02
    From £9.50
  10. Large Heart Silver mug
    Large Heart Silver mug
    SKU: GS96
    From £9.50
  11. Large Heart Red mug
    Large Heart Red mug
    SKU: GS93
    From £9.50
  12. Large Heart Blue mug
    Large Heart Blue mug
    SKU: GS91
    From £9.50
  13. Small Heart Violet mug
    Small Heart Violet mug
    SKU: GS90
    From £9.50
  14. Small Heart Silver mug
    Small Heart Silver mug
    SKU: GS89
    From £9.50

Items 1-24 of 30

per page
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Love Mug Designs

Send love to someone special with our love mugs. A mug can be a great gift, either by itself or in conjunction with other gifts. Not only are they practical, our mugs look good too. Our unique designs promote positivity and love, and we think you should order online now and treat your loved one. We have a selection of mug designers that work to create stunning visuals and concepts for our mugs. We offer a wide range of different mugs that come in different themes. With our most touching mugs being our love mugs. We offer a range of styles, phrases and slogans on all of our mugs. These include, valentine mugs, I love you mugs, love heart mugs and mugs specific for family members. Our love mugs come in a range of 3 sizes, including; standard, quite big and large, perfect for a tea or coffee lover of any measure.

Valentines Day Mugs

Love mugs are great for Valentine's Day. Check out our personalised mugs and create your own special message. Choose from a selection of our designs and add your own text.

Order online now

Our mugs are only made from high-quality china, so they’re made to last. It’s not only the china, all of the prints that end up on our mugs are permanent and extremely durable, so you can wash your MS Mug as often as you like, without having to worry about damaging it.

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